Live Webinar: September 14th 2022

Decarbonising the Dairy Sector with Industrial Heat Pumps


 11am to 12 Wednesday 14th September

Decarbonising the Dairy Sector with Heat Pumps: REGISTER HERE


Review of the recent National Heat Study and SSRH; SEAI
Policy drive toward Electrification to deliver Carbon Reductions, Dept of Enterprise; Trade & Employment
Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund; Enterprise Ireland

Live Heat Pump Projects in the Dairy sector; Astatine Ltd

Ireland is world-leader in the production of dairy products which is growing rapidly in recent years. However, this success has in turn increased the demand for more energy, particularly natural gas and LPG.

Alternatives are therefore urgently required so the sector can both reduce its carbon footprint and insure against supply interruptions, in particular due to the recent threat of gas rationing.

Industrial heat pumps are a proven low-carbon solution which have been installed in Dairy facilities for decades, so this course will outline how Ireland could utilize industrial heat pump technology to rapidly replace fossil fuels in the Dairy sector.

This webinar will outline on the role of industrial heat pumps in decarbonising Ireland’s heat sector along with insights into the policy drivers that are now pushing the transition to electrification as a key solution to reducing Ireland’s industry related carbon emissions. Attendees will also learn about the grants available to install industrial heat pumps along with some examples of projects which they could potentially replicate.

Decarbonising the Dairy Sector with Heat Pumps: Register here