Solar power costs have been falling rapidly in recent years, so with recent increases in fossil fuel prices, onsite solar power can now deliver savings of over 50%.

The sun may not shine as often as we would like in Ireland, but solar power technology is constantly improving and is now very cost competitive, even with our limited Irish sun!

The key to solar power in Ireland is to develop the project onsite, either on your roof or ‘ground-mounted’ on land near your facility. By using your own solar power onsite, you are avoiding high grid electricity costs and the associated grid fees. A combination of ever-improving solar power along with these avoided charges has resulted in annual electricity cost savings of over 50% for some of our clients.

We offer the option of delivering the project for zero upfront cost. Astatine will then charge the client for the solar electricity that they consume, at an agreed price typically around 50% under the market rate.

Astatine will provide a fully delivered ‘design-build’ solution and work with you from initial site assessment to final operation of the facility. We have delivered numerous Solar Projects from 10 kW to 5000 kW, both rooftop and ground-mounted, for a wide range of sectors. Recent clients include Wicklow Wolf, Dale Farm and CMLS cold storage.

Our solar solutions have the potential to substantially reduce your energy costs, if you’re interested, contact us so that we can prepare a proposal and begin your decarbonisation journey.