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Pharmaceuticals and health sciences require both heating and cooling, creating an ideal scenario for a heat pump that can provide both.


Industrial scale heat pumps are widely used across Europe, with almost 20,000 installations per year.
SEAI recently published a National Heat Study which concluded that heat pumps are a key solution for industrial heat less than 200°C and so converting the Pharmaceutical industry to this technology, quickly and at scale is one of the key solutions to tackle rising costs and spiralling CO2 emissions.

Pharmaceuticals were responsible for 10% of Large Industry Users Network Energy consumption in 2021 in Ireland.
For industries that are concerned about rising energy costs, as well as wanting to reduce their company’s carbon footprint, heat pumps can solve both.

Astatine can offer bespoke solutions both large and small scale, to better meet your companies heating and cooling demands. We also offer solar solutions to offset electricity requirements. Industrial heat pumps are a proven solution and offer massive savings and huge reductions in CO2 emissions.

• Heat Pump Technology can deliver up to a 100% reduction in onsite fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
• The technology can produce energy savings of up to 65%
• A solution delivered at scale can typically provide 400% efficiency gains compared to a traditional heating system
• Our (Astatine Ltd) experience indicates that sites can expect paybacks for 2 to 3 years
• Projects can be delivered with no upfront costs


Pharma Heat Pump Application Example:

Below is an Austrian Pharmaceutical Plant heat pump application. This was installed back in 2016, and has a capacity of 500kW. This heat pump upgrades source temperatures of 30-40C waste heat and upgrades this heat to supply higher heat requirements in the plant.



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