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A huge amount of heat is being lost or wasted in the manufacturing industry. This  can be harnessed and reused elsewhere in the business.


Manufacturing processes often consume large quantities of steam or hot water. Any company that has a demand for heat, steam, or hot water as part of their business, Astatine can help to reduce costs and carbon emissions straight away and dramatically reduce a company’s energy requirements.

The manufacturing industry is one of the highest consumers of energy in industry after Food and Beverage, and a large fraction of these companies use medium grade heat. This creates a huge decarbonisation opportunity by installing heat pumps, to reduce reliance on fossil fueled boilers and creating an alternative, high-quality heat source.

If your company uses chillers or has other cooling requirements, these are a heat source which the heat pump can then harness and upgrade this heat for your heating requirements, utilising waste heat that otherwise is lost into the atmosphere.

Resources like energy, water and materials continue to become more expensive – and carbon taxes are now impacting the bottom line for international companies. Astatine is helping businesses across Ireland to dramatically reduce CO2, cut costs and move closer to energy independence.
With the technology now available to deploy solutions quickly and at scale, Astatine are committed to working with the manufacturing sector to convert their business to a more efficient, seamless operation, saving significant costs and dramatically reducing their CO2 emissions. Solar panels and heat pumps generate independent energy onsite and harness it correctly and efficiently.

• Heat Pump Technology can deliver up to a 100% reduction in onsite fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
• The technology can produce energy savings of up to 65%
• A solution delivered at scale can typically provide 400% efficiency gains compared to a traditional heating system
• Our (Astatine Ltd) experience indicates that sites can expect paybacks for 2 to 3 years
• Projects can be delivered with no upfront costs


Manufacturing Heat Pump Application: Below is an example of a heat pump in an aluminium plant located in Sweden. A 2010kW heat pump has been installed providing temperatures of up to 120C from a source temperature of 45C. This heat pump has a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.0. This means the heat pump delivers around 4 kWh of energy for every kWh of electricity used to power the pump, which means that they are up to 400% more efficient than electric heating alone and more cost effective than any other heating source today.


Watch interviews with Astatine’s Dr David Connolly here to find out more about Heat pump Installations.

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