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With a massive requirement for both steam and hot water, distilleries are looking for alternative energy sources to combat rising energy costs,


Astatine has renewable electricity and heat solutions specifically tailored for these industries.

Over the past number of years, we have developed renewable heat solutions, with heat pumps as the primary source of heating and cooling, offsetting the fossil fuel requirement of the distillation process.

Astatine Ltd are working on a number of distillery projects in Ireland including a plant currently under construction. This distillery will be the first in Europe to have no onsite boilers, eliminating onsite carbon emissions.

By deploying heat pump technology in your process, you can experience immediate savings and Carbon reductions.

More and more Irish distilleries are making the move towards sustainable production and ultimately aiming to make their distilleries carbon neutral.

Heat pumps are a proven technology in the brewing and distillery industries across Europe. The distillation process requires low to medium grade temperatures which is easily provided by industrial heat pumps.


• Heat Pump Technology can deliver up to a 100% reduction in onsite fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
• The technology can produce energy savings of up to 65%
• A solution delivered at scale can typically provide 400% efficiency gains compared to a traditional heating system
• Our (Astatine Ltd) experience indicates that sites can expect paybacks for 2 to 3 years
• Projects can be delivered with no upfront costs

Contact Astatine to discuss how we can implement this technology into your distillery business and discover how we can offer huge cost savings and partner with you on your decarbonisation journey.


Distillery Heat Pump Application Example – Coming Soon!

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