Irish Breweries are seeking to future-proof their business by working to decarbonise their production process.


There is ample opportunity for heat pump applications in the brewing industry and Astatine are continuously working on solutions to electrify and decarbonise brewing energy requirements including heat. Heat pumps are a proven technology in the brewing industry across Europe.

The brewing process requires low to medium grade temperatures which is easily provided by industrial heat pumps.
Astatine Ltd are currently working with several Irish breweries right across the country, two of which are currently in construction.

Astatine was proud to make Wicklow Wolf the the First Solar Powered Craft Brewery in the Republic of Ireland in 2022 and is working with others to replicate this, underpinning how Irish brewers are committed to sustainable operation.

• Heat Pump Technology can deliver up to a 100% reduction in onsite fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
• The technology can produce energy savings of up to 65%
• A solution delivered at scale can typically provide 400% efficiency gains compared to a traditional heating system
• Our (Astatine Ltd) experience indicates that sites can expect paybacks for 2 to 3 years
• Projects can be delivered with no upfront costs

Brewery Heat pump application Example: Below is an example of a heat pump application in a brewery in Finland for the Carlsberg Group.

This is a 3345kW heat pump that uses heat from chillers and wastewater and supplies a temperature of 65-70C to boiling stages of the process. This brewery experienced energy savings of 9,300MWh per year.



Watch interviews with Astatine’s Dr David Connolly here to find out more about Heat pump Installations.

David Connolly explainer Videos: Heat Pumps

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