Industrial heat pumps can typically provide a 70% reduction in carbon emissions while also reducing operating costs by over 50%.

There are approximately ~20,000 industrial heat pump installations across Europe each year so this is a proven technology which can be rapidly deployed at scale today. The maximum temperature available from an industrial heat pump is increasing all the time which is opening up new opportunities and applications. Today, high-temperature heat pumps which supply hot water up to 130°C are readily available across a wide variety of sizes, from 40 kW up to 10 MW. At these temperature levels some clients we have worked with can now replace all of their heating needs with an industrial heat pump. Typical applications include boiler feedwater, CIPs, hot water systems, dryer preheating, distillation, and pasteurizers.


Astatine is bringing this proven heat pump technology to Ireland and implementing it to replace oil and gas for industrial heating across these applications, which is helping clients to:

Avoid escalating oil and gas prices with a typical reduction in operating costs of 50%

Improve security of supply by providing an alternative to imported fossil fuels

Reduce your Scope 1 carbon emissions by typically >70%

Above 130°C, we also offer bespoke industrial heat pumps which can produce 200°C, but due to their bespoke nature these are only available for applications >5 MW.


For all our projects, we provide a fully delivered ‘design-build’ solution and work with you from initial site assessment to final operation of the facility, so to get started please contact us for an initial assessment of your site.